The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

During last year’s book battle, the students were thrilled to meet Heather Brewer, the author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.  Her first book in the chronicles, Eighth Grade Bites was one of the books read for the competition and since Mrs. Brewer was once a student at our middle school and her son recently left the middle school, she was kind enough to offer to be a part of the battle’s festivities.  Her presences was a “biting” success, and she has graciously agreed to return this year since her second book in the chronicles, Ninth Grade Slays, is required reading for this year’s competition. Since I have now finished the third book in the chronicles, Tenth Grade Bleeds I decided to discuss the chronicles to date.

Vladimir Tod is half human, half vampire. His father was once a well-respected vampire in the Elysian Council until he fell in love with a human, married her, and sired Vlad. When the Council kills Vlad’s parents, Vlad goes to live with his “Aunt” Nelly, Vlad’s mother’s best friend. Unfortunately, Vlad must deal with his vampiric nature and his adolescent without the help of either his father or mother. Vlad’s existence is an abomination to the Elysian Council, especially the head of the council, D’Ablo, who above all else wants Vlad dead. However, much to D’Ablo’s consternation, killing Vlad is not as easy as it would seem. After two attempts on Vlad’s life, D’Ablo begins to believe an ancient rumor about the existence of a Pravus, an indestructible vampire who will someday rule over the vampire world and enslave the human race.

With the recent popularity of books about vampires, most of which are geared to the female reader, Vladimir is a strong protagonist that will appeal to boys as well as girls. Many of the conflicts he faces are typical problems teenagers face such as school, bullies, and relationships with friends and girls. However, he must also deal with being a vampire, who lives with humans, the Elysian Council, and his battle with his desire to drink human blood.  Brewer provides unique alternatives for Vlad’s procurement and eating blood. For example, Vlad always takes his lunch to school because his sandwiches are filled with blood capsules, and his Aunt Nelly, a nurse, takes outdated blood from the hospital's blood bank. 

Each of the books are fast paced and exciting spanning the course of one full school years.  Vlad is a very likable character and shows growth as he faces each new year filled with new challenges. I especially like that Brewer sets Vlad outside of the mainstream school social setting without making him a total outcast or loser. His best friend Henry, is part of the popular crowd, but is completely loyal to Vlad. The series is certainly a fun escape and one that even struggling readers will be able to read and enjoy. I highly recommend this series.

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Manda (Manda's Movements) said...

I totally think it's time I just bit the bullet and bought this series. I trust your recommendation!

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